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Ovo formed in 2000 to support the European tour of Cock ESP. Since then Bruno Dorella (performs with Ronin, Bachi de Pietra, as well as being the manager for Bar La Muerte Records) and Stefania Pedretti (Voclaist of Allun and solo performer ?Alos), already veterans of the Italian music underground, have toured extensively world wide- including Mexico, Turkey and Israel. The first recordings "Assassine" (2001) and "Vae Victis" (2002) where released by Bar La Muerte and boasted the contributions of guests and friends. After releasing splits with Rollerball and KK Null, Ovo definitively became a duo. The change was marked by the issue of the third album "Cicatrici" (2004)a co-production of Bar La Muerte and Ebria Records. In 2006, the work "Miastenia" was released onthe prominent American Noise label, Load Records.

The duo uses costumes to add a sense of dramatic irony to the music; taking on strange stage persona that confront and frighten the audience. This interview took place in 2007 at ZXZW (now Incubate) Fest in Tilburg. The original interview was for Bad Acid Magazine.

VP: Tell me a little bit about the instrumentation you use.

Stefania: I play guitar, but not with a traditional pick. I used children's toys before, but now I use a square. I modify the guitar to make a low sound, and I play voice. I don't sing in the traditional sense, I play my voice. Also, I play my hair. I got a contact mic from a friend and I wondered for a while what to do with it. I thought that my hair was like the string for a double bass. For fun I tried it with my band ?Alos and it worked. I use a violin bow and get different tones depending on if I use thinner locks of hair or thicker locks of hair.The thinner locks create a higher pitch while the thicker locks create lower tones.

Bruno: I play half a drum set and Bass sometimes.

VP: The music is very dramatic; almsot operatic.

Bruno: Yes it's dramatic like acting; but very ironic. I like the way Stefania approaches music. It's very instictual. She's not trained, Many things make me thnk the way she approaches music is very ancient. If you see paintings of Japanese or Indian female musicians, thsy use a pick similar to the square Stefania uses.
She didn't plan it out- she never had this specific idea to mimic the ancient times. She just approached the music that way. This applies to the costumes as well. I would be fine with just going on stage in just a t-shirt, but Stefania is like "No Way!". We use masks and costumes because when you go onstage you are a character or and actor. Your not yourself anymore. So the whole costume thing with OvO is related to her approach to music.

VP: Do you find the costumes help you bring on a persona, or is it more of an extension of yourself?

Stefania: Well, it's not like we have a double personality! It's only a side. I think when people see us with the masks and costumes on the stage, they expect us to be a certain way after the show. It's like the mask is used to keep a mystery, and sometimes they are surprised because when we take off the masks we smile! We are real people. They think we must be crazy people because of how we are on stage. If people see us for the first time, sometimes we frighten them.

VP: You defiantly put a projection forward that instills a sense like "Whoa! I need to stand back"!

Bruno (laughing): Well, maybe I'm too big! We like to have the people up front with us, but it happens all the time. We start playing and they just move back.

VP: What is the goal for OvO?
Bruno: Well, we are basically a touring band. we made 5 records but we've played almost all over the world except for Africa and South America. We tour extensively in Europe and in the States.

VP: Please tell me about your other projects.

Bruno: I play with Bachi de Pietra,who sing very gut wrenching lyrics. I play guitar in a band called Ronin, which some would say is music for a spaghetti western. It's inspired by Italian sound track music like the work of Angelo Badalamenti, Henri Mancini, and Ennio Morricone. It's the soundtrack for imaginary films of defeated heros.

VP: The Ronin project is both beautiful and inspiring. Please tell me about yor projects Stefania.

Stefania: I play in my solo band called ?Alos., which is more of a performance. It's one girl cooking music. I play music and use my voice while I cook vegan food. All five senses are used during the performance. Sight, obviously, taste and smell, (the dinner) hearing the music, and touch as well. I invite a handsome, well groomed man from the audience to share the meal I've prepared during the performance.

Ovo's new album "Crocevia" (crossroads) is available now on Load Records. They toured the US with SubArachnoid Space Sept/Oct 2009.

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  1. This band was one of my favorites a few years ago, however they quality had decreased too much, and the music was not the same. That was a real shame.