Sunday, October 11, 2009

Leslie Keffer

Athens OH Native Leslie Keffer is a Noise Pop Icon, Tabloid Superstar, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Complete Enigma.

Live, she channels the spirits and bombard the senses with an arsenal of sonics.

She's collaborated with the likes of the Laundry Room Squelchers, Thurston Moore, Roger Stella, and Val Martino.

She's toured extensively throughout the US and Europe. Meet the woman herself.

VP: I've seen you play live several times over the last four years or

so and you've employed different instruments like guitar and

electronic gadgets. Where did your interest in sound sculpture

begin and are you trained in music theory at all?

LK: It begin probably in college when I was getting my degree in audio

production and music. They were always like "don't do this- don't do

that- don’t run it in the red EQ it like this or it will sound bad"

but I was like woah that sounds pretty cool I'm going to do

that...I had to take a lot of music theory in college and

instruments and choir and stuff like that. so I guess I sorta am.

VP: So once the rules where laid out for you, you knew exactly how to

break them. Do you find that you still apply theory to your

technique are do you play more stream of consciousness?

LK: Honestly, I have no idea. If I were to assume *oops* anyway, I would

say stream of consciousness. I'm aware of levels and tones harmony

etc, however since I used to play radios all the time I never knew

what was going to come in and the radios Obviously it would pick up

the craziest emotions and vibes from miles around. When I lived in

the woods it was frightening being home alone and playing that shit

at night! i would contact the ether. Seriously! One time my p.a.

speaker flew across the room and smashed a hole in the wall. I left

all the music going and got the fuck out of there. My cat wouldn't

even go in there! So its more other people stream of conscious

being channeled through me. That sounds pretentious, but I'm a


VP: Whoa..........

VP: So you have albums with titles like "Feels Like Frenching" and

"Whorny". You've got this super-charged sexed-up vibe going on. How

foes it feel to own the "noise boys"?

LK: Actually - its "Whoreny 4 U". i guess I do have that vibe going on

because I've been feeling pretty sexy lately. Playing with Val

Martino (Unicorn Hard-On) and the Laundry Room Squelchers really

brings out the

woman in me. For years i was just being one of the boys , I guess I

felt uncomfortable embracing being sexy; especially in this scene

with all those scummy boys. Plus, people start talking shit like

"Keffer get half naked cause she cant really play" or something to

that effect, but I don’t care anymore. I always feel like frenching, but I

don’t feel like I own the noise boys! I wish I did though; I'd make

them take me swimming and hiking and have them roast me a pig on

the weekends.

VP: So do you suppose you are a positive roll model for women or do you

not even care?

LK: I think I have the potential to be a positive role model for everyone.

VP: You run a tabloid blog called Noisebloid. Why don't you tell me a

little bit about that.

LK: I started noisebloid a few years ago because I noticed while touring

everyone talks about everyone else they know in the 'scene' and its

our common ground, a way to stay in touch. So I decided to exploit

that. Why shouldn't there be noise celebs? Our scandals and affairs

are just as interesting and true! THERE ARE SOME LIES AND *oops*

"fabrications" on there, but there is a little truth to every story if

not the entire truth!

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