Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fuzz Orchestra Interview- This one got lost in my archives and somehow was never published until now. It was taken during Fuzz Orchestra's first US tour.

VP: Fuzz Orchestra has a sound all it's own. Was this premeditated or did you develop your style as a result of individuality and practice?

FO: We developed our style through practice.

We have been playing together for 10 years in other band before Fuzz Orchestra. It was composed by us 3 and another guitarist, the band was called Bron Y Aur and it was based on rock improvisation. That's to say that we know each other, musically and personally, quite well.

The sound came out when Fiè switched from bass to mixer, I (Luca) left my Rat distortion pedal for an HBE UFO Fuzz and Marco put his tom toms away.

VP: Do you still incorporate the improvisations with Fuzz Orchestra or are you now writing more song structure?

FO: Our compositions often come out from improvisation, so it's still a great part of our way of creating music.

VP: Your embarking on a US tour at the time of this interview. Is there a difference between touring in the US vs. touring in Europe? How is the crowd here reacting to your explosive live performance?

FO: We haven't found any great difference...the crowd reacted very well,
they seemed to enjoyed our mixture of hard rock and Italian influences.
Our tour has just finished yesterday in NY and we're very happy about it.
We had a great response from the crowd and we've found a great hospitality that maybe was the best thing about touring the USA.

VP: Do you feel that there is a growing audience for experimental and improvisational music? Are people becoming more open minded to bands that have basic skeletal song structure vs. the traditional band that plays the same music the same way night after night?

FO: Mmmmm...I would like this to be true, but I think that it only happens that sometimes some bands become a fashion thing (like Sunn O)), to mention one, or Lightning Bolt) and their audience grows a lot.
The rest of the underground scene, for what I can see in Italy and out of it, remains confined to the same number of persons, more or less.

VP: What is in store for the future of Fuzz Orchestra?

FO: We should make a small UK tour in may/june, then we'll think
about our 3rd record. I'd love to tour Japan, we'll see if it's possible.

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